Philips TDA1541A S1 (informal S2 specs) 1988 Serial number: 10836


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Stereo high performance 16-bit DAC. Philips Brand New!

I bought a small number of these 16-bit DACs from a retired Philips worker. He has been member of the Philips DAC-development team (TDA1541 & DAC7). In that period he has used with some friends the DAC selection equipment to get a sub-selection from a large batch of TDA-dacs to obtain S1 DACs with double crown specs. I obtained some of these silver crowns with double crown specs from him after he had stopped his work at Philips. So, although the offered Philips TDA1541A S1 bears S1, the DAC meets the S2 specs of Philips!

This TDA1541A bears the code: HSH8805. This means that the chip is produced in   is 1988 week 5. 

The early Philips TDA1541a production (1987 ~ 1991; numbers 10777 ~ 11154) from the Holland Philips factory are considered superior. The best chip of these series was S1 (single crown).

In the later production from Taiwan there was also a S2 selection.

The silicon wafers for the TDA1541 were produced at Philips Nijmegen. Final assembly was at plants in Holland and later Taiwan, China or India.

The chip TDA1541A and especially the single crown selection S1 and the S2 are highly regarded for their fabulous sound!

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Summarized description
Code: TDA1541A S1
Brand: Philips
Manufactured in: Holland
Production period: 1988
Serial numbers: 10836
Condition: new; unused
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