JG-5814A (12AU7WA) pair by General Electric, same date code, NOS v166/170



  • JG-5814A (ECC802S)   
  • triple micas
  • NOS
  • same date code
  • long life version
  • matched with balanced systems

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This is a pair of 5814A, long life tubes made by GE  in OWENSBORO, KY USA. This early 1960s military spec GE 5814A is equivalent to the 12AU7WA / ECC802S tube type. It has gray plates, triple micas and extra support rods. The white print on the glass reads JG-5814A. The tubes have a tilted round halo getter; see pictures. Both tubes have the same date code.

The tubes have excellent test values that match the factory specification very well and balanced systems. The properties of this tube are widely known. I refer to the many threads on the web for more information. 

The tubes are  unused and have NOS test values that match the factory specification  precisely and balanced systems. 


Excellent valve, low noise, smooth performer with excellent dynamics, very good in phono stages. 

Please read our test and shipping policy before buying !

Test method & results

The tubes have been tested carefully with the official Telefunken test set-up and our sophisticated test equipment. Please read our testmethod for the ECC82 tube family.

The measurement data below show that both systems are matched and balanced. And fulfill the factory specs for a new/NOS tube.

Valve 1


Ia (plate current):

Transconductance (Gm):

Gas test, Shorts test:

10,3 /10,4 mA   

2,2 /2,3 mA/V


=  NOS / NOS

=  NOS / NOS


Valve 2


 Ia (plate current):

Transconductance (Gm):

Gas test, Shorts test:

10,3 / 10,2 mA

2,1 / 2,2 mA/V


=  NOS / NOS

=  NOS / NOS


(Telefunken factory specification see test page)

Summarized description

Tube code:                             5814A

Brand:                                    General Electric 

Manufactured in:                   USA

Visible Date Codes:              60-34 / 60-34

Production date:                    sixties

Plate Construction:                grey plates

Getter Construction:              tilted round halo getter

Print Condition:                      new; see picture

Box included:                         generic boxes

Equivalent tubes:                   E82CC, 12Au7, ECC82, 5814A

General test results:              NOS

Quantity of Tubes:                 2; one pair


Please study photos carefully; what you see is what you get! Ask any questions before you buy.



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