GZ34 Philips > Mullard production NOS balanced – v4

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    • Mullard, UK production 
    • NOS; no signs of use
    • red rim grey plates
    • superior sonics 

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Here is a Mullard GZ34 tube; old production, produced in the Blackburn factory in the UK.The GZ34 is a full wave rectifier. This tube bears the brand name Philips (hardly visible). The tube has a top halo-getter, a red plate rim and an f32 etch code. 

The Mullard GZ34 is famous for its contribution to the tonal quality of tube amplifiers and their extreme long life. They are highly regarded also for application in guitar amplifiers. And deliver superior performance compared to the Chinese and Russian new production.

Test method

Anode current, gas and shorts tested with: AVO CT-160 (Dutch army tester), Utracer3+, AVO Valve Data Manual 23rd edition 1981, Philips 1532, RFT stabilised power supply and 2x Keithley 2700. Test condition: Ua (plate voltage) = 10 Volts.

Test results*

The measurement data below show that the GZ34 tube is in super condition and surpasses the factory requirements for a new tube.



Ia (anode current):

Gas test, Shorts test:


124 / 127 mA



=  NOS



*The rated emission value for a new GZ34 valve at the used test conditions is: 120 Milliamperes (mA).  (Factory data sheet)

Specified measurement data

Test results on other testing devices may supply different values. Just in case of mismatch of “standard” values of the different tube testers “standards”. My test results refer to tube data sheets provided by the original tube producers. (You’ll find them easily on the web.) And are obtained with the specified test equipment.

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Summarized description

Tube types GZ34
Quantity of Tubes One
Brand Philips
Manufactured in Mullard, Blackburn, UK
Date code f32 B 2B3    1962
Plate Construction red rim plate
Getter Construction round halo getter
Print Condition mediocre; see pictures
Box included generic white box
Equivalent tubes:   5AR4
General test results  NOS                


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