Sold ECC83 Pair Telefunken Smooth plates Matched 1963 NOS specs <> V18/31


  • Berlin production
  • NOS specs
  • matched and balanced pair
  • halo getter
  • Diamond bottom
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This is a pair Telefunken ECC83 tubes. The properties of the Telefunken ECC83 are legendary and widely known. I refer to the many threads on the web for more information. The codes on the glass indicate that they are manufactured in 1963 and 1964 in the Telefunken plant in Berlin. 

The tubes are thoroughly tested. The matched pair has excellent test values that match the factory specifications very well and and both tubes have balanced systems. See  test results below.

Test results*

Tube 1

Section 1/2


Ia (plate current)

Mutual conductance:

Gas test, Shorts test:

1,16 / 1,20 mA

1,60 / 1,62  mA/V


= 97% / 100%

= 100% / 101%


Tube 2

Section 1/2


Ia (plate current)

Mutual conductance:

Gas test, Shorts test: 

1,14 / 1,11 mA

1,56 / 1,53  mA/V


= 95% / 93%

= 98% / 96%


Testing methods

*  Where 100% is : Ia = 1,2 mA, Gm= 1,6 mA/V.  

Test methods

Mutual transconductance, Gas and shorts tested with: AVO CT-160 (Dutch army tester) , AVO Valve Data Manual 23rd edition 1981, RFT stabilised power supply and Utracer3+.. Ia (plate current) tested with  Utracer3+, RFT stabilised power supply, Philips PE 4832 and 2 x Keithley 2700; conditions: Ua= 250V, Vg= -2 V.

See also: Tube testing page, for test conditions see Category Page.


Tube type ECC83
Quantity of Tubes One pair
Brand Telefunken
Manufactured in Berlin, Germany
Date code B5203201 (1963) & B4003101 (1963)
Plate Construction smooth plates
Getter Construction halo getter
Print Condition excellent; see pictures
Box included Telefunken replica
Equivalent tubes:  12AX7
General test results  NOS specs


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