SOLD E83CC pair Siemens & Halske branded ECC803S AEG (Telefunken) NOS NIB V10/11


  • E83CC
  • Munich production
  • superior sonics
  • matched tubes
  • NOS / NIB
  • balanced systems
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When AEG/Telefunken of Western Germany closed their production facilities they still had a demand for their ECC803S audio tubes. They chose to continue there supply but to source them from some of the best European producers (e.g. Siemens & Halske, Brimar and Mullard). This ECC803S pair was made by Siemens & Halske in Münich Germany and is in fact an E83CC; one of the finest ECC83. AEG/Telefunken ordered a limited supply of these beauties for these non-diamond bottom ECC803S. To comply the very high quality specifications of the ECC803S, AEG undoubtedly has used selected versions of the S&H production only. 

The acid code EØ 1≠ 7A code on the glass indicates that the tubes are of the E83CC type and were manufactured in januari 1967 in the Siemens & Halske plant in Munich. The tubes have excellent test values that match the factory specification very well and balanced systems. 

Test method:

Mutual transconductance, plate current, gas and shorts tested with: AVO CT-160 (Dutch army tester), AVO Valve Data Manual 23rd edition 1981, Philips 1532, RFT stabilised power supply and 2x Keithley 2700.

Ia (plate current) is tested with 250V and a 1,6 kOhm cathode resistor (Rk; see Telefunken description). Factory specifications see picture !

Test results*:

The measurement data below show that both tubes are matched and balanced. And fully in line with the TELEFUNKEN specification for an ECC803S.


Section 1/2


Ia (plate current):           1,40 / 1,35 mA         = 116 % / 113 %

Mutual conductance:     1,80 / 1,85  mA/V    = 113 % / 116 %

Gas test, Shorts test:    OK 

Valve 2

Section 1/2

 Ia (plate current):         1,35 1,35 mA          = NOS 

Mutual conductance:    1,85 / 1,85  mA/V      = NOS

Gas test, Shorts test:    OK 


Summarized description

Tube type ECC803S
Quantity of Tubes One pair
Brand Siemens & Halske  ( rebranded AEG )
Manufactured in Munich; Germany
Date code EØ1 ≠ 7A   (januari 1967)
Plate Construction ruggedized plate
Getter Construction round halo getter
Print Condition excellent; see pictures
Box included original; see pictures
Equivalent tubes:  CV4004, 12AX7, ECC83, ECC803S, 12AX7WA, E83CC
General test results  NOS
Specs ecc803s


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